Since the company’s founding in 1999, Thelcon strives for continual growth. The company has achieved a high level specialization in a significant range of activities, covering all areas of energy in buildings.

Energy Audits

Control Systems


Software Development

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Energy Projects and Audits

Energy related projects and energy audits in large buildings and industries, as well as electromechanical systems studies.

Emphasis on energy conservation and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Energy Reporting & Audits

Energy recording and analysis in buildings & industries.                                      Techno-economic proposals for systems upgrade and further evaluation.

Air conditioning - Heating

Studies of heating & cooling systems in buildings, using latest available technologies for optimal energy efficiency.


Lighting design for work spaces, based on international standards.
Emphasis on aesthetic outcome and visual comfort for building users.

Building Shell

Evaluation of the existing building shell and overall bioclimatic building design studies.

Renewable energy

Evaluation studies for the installation of renewable energy systems. Design of interconnection with building or power network.


Control Systems (BEMS)

Installation of BEMS (Building Energy Management System) in buildings & industries.

Emphasis on creating comfortable conditions for users and energy efficient buildings, through automated operations.


Studies for all control points in buildings. Integration of all third-party systems via BACnet or ModBus communication protocols.


Installation of new BEMS in buildings or upgrading of existing systems. Programming and commissioning of optimal operation.

Monitoring - Evaluation

Constant monitoring and evaluation of installed systems. Maintenance for proper operation and controlled systems longevity.

Improvement proposals

Improvement proposals for BEMS, using additional softwares for complete building monitoring and energy upgrading.