AB Vasilopoulos

Project Information

Energy audits in 9 AB Vasilopoulos supermarket stores nationwide, and generalized application of the obtained results to the ~ 330 company branches.

At AB Vasilopoulos supermarket stores Thelcon conducted:

  • Recording, analysis & break-down of energy consumption
  • Recording and analysis of electromechanical equipment
  • Calculation of energy indicators, baselines and KPI’s
  • Energy conservation proposals with thorough financial documentation (LCCA )

The proposed energy saving measures include:

  • Improvements in lighting
  • Upgrading of the air-conditioning & ventilation systems
  • Upgrading of the food cooler / freezer systems
  • Installation of photovoltaics using net metering
  • Control and measurement systems
  • Client ΑΒ Vasilopoulos – Ahold Delhaize
  • Category Energy Design
  • Location Natiowide
  • Year 2018 - 2019